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The hidden denigrance pit at PortAventura


Before to start, I’m sure that many of yours, as readers, had listened about PortAventura. Even it’s possible that some of yours being here at least once in your life. On any case, for those that not know who is, it tells it. PortAventura will be the first big theme park in Spain, and after it’s opening at 1995, has obtained great awards thanks to the determinations to the well job. Not just to the towns were it is (Salou and Vila-Seca), but also on all the environment of the zone in Tarragona, PortAventura is a great driving for the economy of the zone, that as it’s said, it generates more than 2000 million Euros each year of benefit at the zone.

After giving an explanation of the different phases who passed PortAventura, let’s explain now the decadency of PortAventura on its costumers treatment and be focused just on a very small group of costumers, who being knowing here as “The chosen”.
For some time, and with the massive consolidation of Internet to the majority of the population, it appear many independent websites that treat about the enterprise, although has an own official website (that being recorded on April 21st of the year 1997), therefore we can say that PortAventura didn’t need alien websites to report about the enterprise activities and to do advertising.

However, and progressively, it being appeared those websites. Some websites being centred exclusively on PortAventura, and others on general amusement parks. Later, the bloom of the video hosting services, such as Youtube or Vimeo being popular the diverse broadcasting of amusement parks that remember, it be a private area. In fact, the first YouTube video being recorded by his founder on a zoo. And, for finish off, the large social network, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram allows to anyone, with a zero financial investment, to create a website about amusement parks. PortAventura has, officially, with its respective channels on much kind of servers and social networks.

But nevertheless, the great boom emerges at year 2010. At the time, PortAventura it’s being celebrating it’s 15 years of existing park. It’s got a good relation with a website called PA-Community, link that being beaked on November of 2011 because the behaviour of some of its affiliates, and also the presence of negative opinions about this enterprise.

Most of the old affiliates of PA-Community (whose website being to be generalist inside amusement parks) passed to create its own websites about PortAventura, without take into account the fact that being using without licence a registered brand name.

There was a considerable amount of websites that, trying from a more or less bad method, it stays sharing information’s, images and videos of PortAventura, who’s being distributed without permission. In fact, there two rules from the park those websites and its administrators unaccomplished, and be that:
-      IX.2: Images recorded by Visitors to PortAventura may not be used for commercial purposes.

-      IX.3: PortAventura is not responsible for photography and/or recordings carried out by third parties.

That rules being available to read on PortAventura’s website. On the first rule case, consist basically that the images that a visitor or costumer takes on the enclosure it being just with the particular use only, without being used to that kind of websites, given that it’s an commercial use of the image (it can be does it with asking an internal licence). On the second case, means that in case of appear on a third person’s image or record that can be used for a website, and it’s not approved by the affected person, PortAventura it’s not responsible of that aspect.  

But nevertheless, that websites publish images of the park (on some cases, copied or with copyright), and on many cases, it appears other costumers, that appears without its consent on its publicised images.

After that bloom of unofficial websites, it can be seed that it’s consolidating be finished on 2014, although later it continued to develop other websites, on many cases, excessive alike each to other. 

But nevertheless, PortAventura be guilty to not taken measures on the existence of those websites, who being using a brand name without permission, in particular profit, doing a criminal activity over the Spanish law 17/2001, of December, 7th, of trademarks.  

Until it started the really deplorable part: The recognition that being “stealing” the name of an enterprise in some particulars profit.

The first part starts on March, 21st of the year 2015, with the re-opening of the park coinciding to the 20 years of opened park. Although, on theory (beyond the press acts) had to be any other day, PortAventura organizes a private act for the creators and managers of those websites, without any thoughtfulness to the large amount of costumers that spends money on an enterprise on every one of each visits. PortAventura prioritize a group of people that the just it does it’s to let sell it, and forgiven of the great public, discriminating the profitable costumer, that just appeal for the money.
The image of the shame
The most degrading of all that it’s the subsequent publication, the next day, of a large boast of its attitude by using the enterprise’s social networks. Given the intolerable attitude that does PortAventura by organization of those discriminatory acts, I’m decided to send a letter by certified mail to the press responsible of PortAventura, the mister Oriol Garcia, that I know of it’s position thanks to the social network Linked In. Given the length of the writing, I put it on spoiler, for who wants to read full, can do it by clicking the key “Mostrar”.  The original letter be write in Spanish, there it’s a translation.

That letter be send by certified mail, therefore it’s warranted it’s arrive. Also, on the Correos webpage, that letter is delivered on March, 26th of 2015, because it arrived to the responsible.

A few time later, I received response, which, although is noted the effort deed on write that, less or nothing clarify about the reason about it being discriminate costumers at PortAventura. Also of none clarify nothing, PortAventura continues with its costumer discrimination policy, and newly organizes reserved acts just too chosen people “to finger”.

That’s be the send e-mail response by Mister Oriol Garcia, press relation responsible of PortAventura, and one of the human responsible of the enterprise do discrimination with many of it’s costumers:

Although to the correct writing of the response, less or nothing clarify that writing about of the discrimination that PortAventura does, also that neither justify the chosen criterion of the assistants to the enterprise’s organized events for certain “costumers”.

Also that, by PortAventura, and by Mister Oriol Garcia, not exist any kind of repentance for the discrimination, it be relapsed again, and on biggest scale still, if it fits.  

On May 7th of 2015, the serious MASS MEDIA be cited to PortAventura to do the journalistic coverage of the act of the foundation stone placement of the future Ferrari Land amusement park on an adjacent terrains (that act be symbolically, because rarely a foundation stone be a structural part of an ended build). Between others called authorities, it stays Sebastian Vettel (Formula One driver) and Artur Mas (the Catalan President). Given the magnitude of the called authorities, and it’s probably habit to appear on front of journalist and mass media, the protocol had to be maximum, and give an strict image of formalism and seriousness. 

But nevertheless, despite the used formalism also by Ferrari how by the Generalitat (the Catalan Government), the sin deed here it was by PortAventura. Newly, on an press act strictly thought-out to journalists and mass media, com again, and called by PortAventura the polemical unofficial websites of PortAventura. Those pages and it’s managers, between great journalists and information professionals, come from around the world, not be able to tell about the presence of that kind of people, although to not say nothing for strict upbringing.   

To know who supposedly is had to talk on a news conference, we go to he known Wikipedia’s description:

In a news conference, one or more speakers may make a statement, which may be followed by questions from reporters. Sometimes only questioning occurs; sometimes there is a statement with no questions permitted.


News conferences are often held by politicians (such as the President of the United States); by sports teams; by celebrities or film studios; by commercial organizations to promote products; by attorneys to promote lawsuits; and by almost anyone who finds benefit in the free publicity afforded by media coverage. Some people, including many police chiefs, hold news conferences reluctantly in order to avoid dealing with reporters individually.

A news conference is often announced by sending an advisory or news release to assignment editors, preferably well in advance. Sometimes they are held spontaneously when several reporters gather around a newsmaker.

News conferences can be held just about anywhere, in settings as formal as the White House room set aside for the purpose to as informal as the street in front of a crime scene. Hotel conference rooms and courthouses are often used for news conferences.

Said the news conference definition, it can be confirmed that those groups of people it can’t be said on sure that is an thought-out act for the mass media or to journalist, but otherwise an favour treatment to the “to finger” chosen groups by certain PortAventura Managers just to be commented who the enterprise wants to be seed on minority websites.   

Given the low degree of formalism shown by PortAventura on that aspect, and on called people that not be information professionals, I arrived to the conclusion that’s be intolerable, so I decided to contact with the Catalan College of Journalists, to report of these events, and if them had some actuation protocol  on these affairs, use it.

For those who not know, the Catalan College of Journalists is one of the professional colleges awarded with a Sant Jordi Cross, the Catalan equal to the Nobel Prize.

By its webpage,I found its contact way, therefore I give send the next writing (translated, because the original writing it’s on Catalan):
On this case, the Catalan College of Journalists had knows how to do such as an institution, with clear demonstration of professionalism, severity and formalism. An in just 3 hours I received reply by them, on concrete, by Mister Xavier Puig, communication manager of that entity.

The reply text used as reply, again translated from Catalan, is that:

According to the given explanation, the legality and the ethical not ever are compatible concepts. But nevertheless, despite to journalism professionalism, that an enterprise does that events had not be controlled. Nevertheless, thanks to that write, the Catalan journalism sector now knows what occurs with PortAventura and the enterprise relation with mass media and press.

Bordering on illegality:

One of the most pitiful aspects deed by that king of websites is not just the obsessive mania that takes with PortAventura and the painting all perfect and nice. It’s that to stay on the private life of the PortAventura staff, and spread data that it’s publishing or spending be a misdeed, according to the Spanish Penal Code (an on concrete, the Spanish LOPD law).

They were treated some of those websites that, on a sick leave of one of a PortAventura’s employee, spew those information by the own unofficial pages. It should be remembered that the LOPD bans the diffusion of related health data about persons, being an infringement that takes penalty. On concrete, it is a severe infraction, that it’s penalties between 20.001 to 300.000 Euros without penal consequences.

Here there’s two screenshots that helps to understand who those websites be on the personal life of its employees, doing, also, illegal acts:


The company supporting to demigrance:

But nevertheless, the worst had to arrive. And it threaded to the day as PortAventura gets recognition and right to those websites. For that, commit the shabbiest act on its 20 years of history. As first, creates a kind of internal seal called “PortAventura Experts”, with a blue ring and the logo inside of them. Those seal is granted to those websites, to be showed on a visible place, although the quality of them is dreadful.

The second part, that had to be also more dreadful than previous, consists on include, on the Spanish PortAventura Blog, inside the own PortAventura’s website a recognition to those by do free publicity of those websites, by including it’s name, and in case of clicking over the letters of them, it redirect to those unofficial websites.

Here there’s a screenshot of the pitiful links on its official website:

I am not aware that exist any other amusement park or recreation facility on the world that does that acts, to redirect links from an official website to an external other website and such less reliable.

STOP IT! I unsubscribe:

It be inadmissible that a playful company that had to pay to the costumers 156 Euros for it’s annual pass no had considering towards them, and discriminates them, while others, to create a dreadful website based on a prefabricated template it gives more privileges than nothing, and on a lower price or also free.

Whereupon, and also more given the poor explanation received by Mister Oriol Garcia (specified above), I decided to take a drastically measure against that behaviour deed by PortAventura, and I opted for do harm at where it’s more painful: To the money.

The annual pass that I hold on my name, which, although to be paid and with more than a month of validity as yet, I decided to sent to the enterprise, specifically, to Mister Arturo Mas – Sardà, President of PortAventura, along with a self written letter, to can reproach all them do, and take leave saying that I’m not be it’s costumer (with the sequent loose of money that it takes) for the fact of discriminate to the profitable costumers and the bad criterion that them had to chose the people that earns those privileges. So the written be sent by certified mail to ensure arrival, and that be read to say goodbye to the money that I contribute. 

The send write be that, translated from the Spanish:

That letter, as I comment before, be send by certified mail, for that, warrant it’s delivery, for that reason, it arrives on June 15th on destiny. Also, by the Spanish Mail Services website it can do the tracking by number CD0C940000034940043480Q.

Inside the envelope, also the writing, I include the screenshot of the shame (the 03/21/2015 day act) and my DNI’s photocopy. Also, I enclose the original (not a photocopy) of the PortAventura’s annual pass to prove really my renouncement as a costumer, and for that, them not see more my money.

PortAventura, with those measures, be exposed to a money lose (or money that not had to earn), who it’s got well deserved. Such as had to wait, on these case, and many months later, also I don’t get any reply at respect, for that it’s sure that not had interest to keep on to it’s costumers and it’s satisfaction.


After these lengthy written (as I give thanks to whose that read full, so has merit, despite attempting to make an enjoyable read) it has been to the conclusion of, for every person, come to PortAventura it’s be treated as an object that comes here, spends it’s money and it goes out. There’s not interest the satisfaction. There’s not interest its opinion. They just matter its money. 

The opinions be purchased to certain collectives that be benefited by internal privileges in exchange that all the opinions that says being positive. They get internal privileges inside the enclosure, and they give away the publicity to the link of its dreadful websites.

It’s something fully missed of ethical.

With me that does not have as costumer. They not see my money and neither of mucho other people. Hopefully some responsible of the enterprise see that write to think over and take measures at respect. So each possible costumer that read, at knowing how it had to be treated and discriminate, the had to leave out the want to come, and, for also, PortAventura lose costumers and money.

Thanks again to read the full article. And hopefully the people think over about the discrimination and the treatment to the costumer.




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